We are so excited to be able to share something we are so passionate about and to share it with others! Staying in the water every day, training as much as possible and competing in different national and international event, has helped us to develop wing foil advanced skills and technical knowledge.

We know from our experience that progression in a sport takes a lot of effort and when you learn alone in a self-taught way it is very easy to stop progressing and stall: you feel lost, you don’t know what you doing wrong, you make mistakes, you get into bad habits, you lose a lot of time, and finally you get demotivated. That is why with the right orientation, and a proper methodology together we will set objectives and provide instructions that will allow you to overcome any barrier and push your motivation to continue to evolve and enjoy riding.

In our wing surf foil advanced lessons, we will record and follow you in the water, we will analyze each position to make you aware of your mistakes and errors. You will discover which movement and why you have to do it exactly in each moment to understand and execute the maneuver. This way you will reach the result, you will get the motivation and confidence to continue and boost your skills to the next level!

Our wing foil advanced lessons provides a specific training program adapted to each student. This guarantees you an effective and consistent progression and gives a radical improvement to your technique.

Remember: If you apply the right technique, you will see the result.

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With our wing foil performance coaching program, we will set specific targets to boost your maneuvers, give you more power, more height and more speed according to get a higher score in competition. In each training session together we will help you gain more confidence, motivation and develop your talent. You will also learn to manage your emotions and know how to stay in the water in any kind of conditions, even when things are not going the way you want them to.

In addition, we will help you find a sponsor, so you can ride and training, always with new equipment and without cost.

A unique and exclusive wing foil performance coach program where you will feel supported during the whole process, and you will get the highest performance of your talents.

Details about advanced wing foil lessons


Evaluation and explanation of the current situation of your performance, objectives set up

Proper technique begins with a good knowledge and comprehension of the theory of movements with a good set-up.

Asesoramiento de wing foil

One to one training

We go into the water with you, in order to stay near you and give you a direct and personalized advice. Detailed explanation of the correct techniques and how to correct your mistakes.

radio wing foil Tarifa

Radio coaching

We are in constant contact with you by radio to correct every position and every movement you need at the right time.

Video análisis wing foil

Video Análisis feedback

Seeing your own mistakes and analyzing them together will help you reach new goals. During your training, we will record you to analyze in detail each movement to give you right tips to boost your skills to the next levels.




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    Philipp Dudda

    I had my first wingfoil lesson today with Franco. As conditions were too gusty for kitesurfing I spontaneously took the lesson. Franco is an excellent and motivating instructor and knows perfectly how to explain you foiling building up on existing skills like kitesurfing or SUP.

    It was really much of fun. As conditions got worse and were too gusty to fully complete the 2 hours Franco only charged half of the price which was really fair. During the first lesson we made some practice on the beach as well as riding the first meters on the water. I can recommend those guys 100%!

    Monica Ballus Armet

    A friend recommended Wings Tarifa if I wanted to get into Wingfoiling - Coming from kitefoiling, I hesitated between just learling alone or taking a couple lessons. Well, I eventually accepted his advice and t was hands down the best thing I did ! Franco is an amazing instructor, super I patient and has great tips to make the learning experience incredible!

    Learning all this by myself would have taken me much longer for sure!

    m bueeler

    Franco and Paolo did a really good job in explaining us the basics of wingfoiling. All new things are hard to learn and can be frustrating but their team tried the best to keep us motivated. Due to changing wind conditions the lessons are quite spontanous but the communication has always been great! Definitely worth the experience.

    Lennart Hiemstra

    We booked 3 days of lessons for our group. Had a great time with them, we were all very happy with the wing gear, lessons and progress booked.

    Sometimes you have to wait for the wind; they adapt the schedule to suit the wind conditions and your own plans.

    We even went foiling behind a boat when there was no wind.

    Lessons with radio communication and rescue boat when needed, perfect!

    Franco is a happy dude :) will be good to come back next year!

    Helen Hill

    Booked lessons for the whole family - there were 6 of us and by day 3 we had all managed to fly the wing and control the boards safely - couple of my kids did really well and even launched their foils and flew along. Paolo and Franco and Javi were great teachers - and super encouraging and lots of fun - couldn't recommend this company more highly!

    Andrea Carron

    We had so much fun! Our instructor (Franco) was incredibly kind, professional, passionate, and patient. In less than 3h, we moved from being absolute beginners to being able to stand on the board and enjoying the feeling of the wing pulling us. We can only recommend it!


    How is an advanced wing foil lesson organized?

    We will do an initial set-up to establish the objectives of each session. We will follow you and record you, we will analyze each posture to make you aware of your mistakes and errors. You will discover what movement and why you have to do it exactly at each moment to understand and perform the maneuver, this way you will reach the result, get the motivation and confidence to continue and take your skills to the next level!

    How do you differentiate from other schools?

    We are the only wing foil school in Spain that offers a special system of on-site and online training and we are the only school in Tarifa with active wingfoil pro riders. This provides us to have a superior knowledge and an exclusive teaching methodology.

    What level do I need to have to do an advanced lessons?

    The minimum level is to know how to ride independently and go upwind.

    Why do you have a wing foil perfomance coaching program?

    We love to compete, and we love to share our knowledge with the other people.

    I already do advanced tricks, can I still benefit from your wing foil advanced lessons?

    For sure! There is always something to improve! Staying in the water with other riders give you the opportunity to see and become aware of a lot of movement, and you will discover new technical concepts and have new tasks to work on

    How do you train in wing foil?

    Always before getting in the water we set an objective to improve and choose a spot that best suits, after a warm-up in we start with to do tricks, and we record. Finally, we examine it out of the water.

    Do you compete?

    Yes, we actively compete.

    How do we help you to improve wing foil skills?

    By perfecting your technique, acquiring a solid base which you can improve and overcome any obstacles.

    Why am I progressing slowly in wing foil?

    Well, you’re not the only one. 99% of the people who come to us feel lost because they are learning on their own, and they feel stuck. Without the experience of someone who has already been where you are right now, it is very difficult to move forward: you make mistakes, you get into bad habits, you lose a lot of time and finally you get demotivated. That’s why we have a perfect methodology to take your technique to the next level!

    Do you train children?

    Of course! In addition to training them for competitions, we teach them to
    manage their emotions and to know how to be on the water in any kind of conditions, even when things don’t go as you want.We also help them to find a sponsorship so that they can ride and train, always with new gear and free of charge.

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    A unique, simple, solid, and 100% effective method to take your technique to the next level!



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