Tarifa Wing Foil Spots Guide

Las mejores playas para Wing Foil en España: Tarifa

Tarifa Wing Foil Spots Guide:

Tarifa is a renowned destination known for its beaches and wind conditions, making it an ideal place for practicing water sports like wing foiling. At Wings Tarifa, we know the area like the back of our hand, so below, we’ll introduce you to the most recommended spots for wing foiling:


Balneario Beach:

Balneario Beach offers ample space for setting up your kites and getting into the water, providing favorable wind conditions on days with easterly winds (wind coming from the sea towards the land). However, this beach has strong offshore currents and often gets crowded with kite surfers. It’s not recommended for beginners.

Playa Chica:

Playa Chica is a small beach located in the center of Tarifa, next to Balneario, just below the castle and the city walls. It’s a beach with crystal-clear waters and is popular among tourists and locals alike for its views and atmosphere. During the summer season, sports activities are not allowed at this spot. It’s a beach for advanced wing foilers.

Los Lances Norte Beach:

This beach is the largest in Tarifa, stretching for 8 kilometers. It’s ideal for water sports like wing foiling, especially with easterly winds, as it becomes completely flat, while westerly winds usually bring some waves. It’s a popular spot among kite and windsurfing enthusiasts. It works great on Levante wind days for wing foiling beginners.

Valdevaqueros Beach:

Wing foil spot Tarifa

Wing foil spot Tarifa


Valdevaqueros Beach is one of the most popular spots in Tarifa for water sports, especially kitesurfing, wing surfing, and windsurfing. It’s the favorite spot for all wing foilers, both with Poniente and Levante winds. It’s also known for its beachfront bars like Tangana and Tumbao. Additionally, it offers ample parking space and various restaurants and bars in the area. Keep in mind that this beach can get quite crowded in the summer, which can sometimes make it challenging for wing foiling beginners.

Valdevaqueros Beach and Punta Paloma:

This beach is located about 10 kilometers from Tarifa, at the end of Valdevaqueros Beach. It’s a quieter beach than the others but equally ideal for water sports. It’s highly recommended for wing foiling beginners, especially with westerly winds, as it usually has plenty of space, minimal waves, and weak currents. The presence of a lagoon makes it suitable for teaching children as well. It’s one of our favorite spots for teaching during the summer season. The entrance is easily accessible, and there’s ample parking.

Bolonia Beach:

Bolonia Beach is about 20 kilometers from Tarifa, heading towards Cádiz. It’s a very spacious and unspoiled beach surrounded by dunes and mountains. It’s perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful place for wing foiling. It’s suitable for all skill levels.

Caños de Meca:

The Caños de Meca area offers a wide variety of spots, ranging from calm beaches to spots with waves, allowing wing foilers to choose according to their preferences and skills. It’s the first choice when the Levante wind in Tarifa gets very strong. Zahora Beach, located north of Caños de Meca, is an ideal spot for beginners, featuring calm waters and gentle winds. On the other hand, in the Trafalgar area, located south of Caños de Meca, you can find waves that offer a greater challenge.


This area is located 45 minutes from Tarifa in the direction of Málaga, near Algeciras, close to the mouth of the Guadarranque River. It’s the second choice when the Levante wind in Tarifa gets very strong. It’s very popular for kitesurfing, but it’s also possible to practice wing foiling in its waters, specifically at the river’s mouth where it meets the sea. This area is ideal for wing foilers looking for calm and wave-free waters, making it easier for beginners.

KM 90 Tarifa Beach:

Guía wing foil spots en Tarifa: Playa km 90, Tarifa

The beach known as “km 90” is a spot that few tourists are aware of. It’s located 10 minutes from Tarifa on the road to Algeciras. It works well with Levante winds, and locals tend to go there when the wind in Tarifa gets very strong. In short, it’s an alternative to Palmones or Caños on days with strong Levante winds exceeding 30 knots. The access road is narrow with a canyon, and the beach entrance is rocky. It’s likely a spot for highly skilled wing foilers.

This is our ranking of favorite spots for wing foiling in Tarifa, but we also want to hear your opinion. Follow us on Instagram and tell us about your favorite spot.

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