Learn and improve wing foil onsite or online, with a new simple and exclusive methodology


We are dedicated solely and exclusively to the teaching of Wing Foil. This has allowed us to develop our own exclusive teaching methodology.


Thanks to our experience in competitions, we have developed an exclusive system that guarantees concrete results: over 300 clients who are 100% satisfied.


We are specialists and actively compete in Wing Foil. You will have our support for consultation, guidance, and facilitation in the sector at 360 degrees.


Join in and connect with other Wing Foil enthusiasts to enjoy and progress much faster.


If you know Tarifa, you will know that conditions change on a daily basis. We move and choose the location that best suits the current conditions of the sea and wind to offer you the best possible experience.


We are so confident in our methodology that if you are not satisfied or the conditions are not met, we will refund your money!


  • EXPERIENCE, FREEDOM, MOTIVATION, OVERCOMING, CONFIDENCE, ENTHUSIASM, SATISFACTION::Experience a new sport, feel the freedom and reconnect with nature.
  • WE COMPETE and WE ARE 100% FOCUSED ON WING FOIL:This is why we have created the unique wing foil advance training program in Spain.
  • WE DEVELOP OUR NEW SPECIAL TEACHING METHOD: simple and effective, fast progression guaranteed
  • LESS LESSONS AND MORE QUALITY! Our philosophy is that you can learn wing foil in the shortest possible time with the lowest number of lessons possible!
  • DISCONNECT FROM ROUTINE AND FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR FEARS: Experience a new sport, feel the freedom, and reconnect with nature.
  • FORGET ABOUT WALKING with the all equipment: we will tech you to go upwind from the first moment soo you will always stay on the same place, this guaranteed fast progression without wasting time.
  • JOIN THE WING FOIL COMMUNITY: Become part of a community of wingfoilers with other enthusiasts of Wing Foil to enjoy and progress much faster.
  • WE USE RADIO WALKIE TALKIE in all our courses:you will learn much faster and more safely
  • PREMIUM EQUIPMENT 2023: with new top quality equipment, everything is much faster and easier!
  • BEST LESSONS CONDITIONS GUARANTEED: Every day, we select the lesson's spot after analyzing and choose the most suitable conditions for your lesson
  • LIFETIME PERSONALIZED ONGOING ADVICE: we compete in wing foil and we are always up to date on all the news in the industry more than anyone else! You will have our support in everything you need forever.
  • More than 200 customers are 100% satisfied!



At Wings Tarifa, we understand that starting and perfecting in Wing surf Foil can be a challenge. Our students often face common issues such as lack of experience, various fears, or not knowing how to progress.No matter what your level is, we support you with an effective pedagogical system characterized by clear and simple instructions. You will have our full personalized attention, with a new didactic system adapted to your level and your rhythm. Our teachers are experts and compete actively in different wing foil championship, that is why we have developed our new special training method based on postural correction and awareness of movements.

This benefits you in:

1. Save you a lot of time, effort, and money in learning.

2. Gain more confidence and security in yourself

3. Enjoy more in the water




Philipp Dudda

I had my first wingfoil lesson today with Franco. As conditions were too gusty for kitesurfing I spontaneously took the lesson. Franco is an excellent and motivating instructor and knows perfectly how to explain you foiling building up on existing skills like kitesurfing or SUP.

It was really much of fun. As conditions got worse and were too gusty to fully complete the 2 hours Franco only charged half of the price which was really fair. During the first lesson we made some practice on the beach as well as riding the first meters on the water. I can recommend those guys 100%!

Monica Ballus Armet

A friend recommended Wings Tarifa if I wanted to get into Wingfoiling - Coming from kitefoiling, I hesitated between just learling alone or taking a couple lessons. Well, I eventually accepted his advice and t was hands down the best thing I did ! Franco is an amazing instructor, super I patient and has great tips to make the learning experience incredible!

Learning all this by myself would have taken me much longer for sure!

m bueeler

Franco and Paolo did a really good job in explaining us the basics of wingfoiling. All new things are hard to learn and can be frustrating but their team tried the best to keep us motivated. Due to changing wind conditions the lessons are quite spontanous but the communication has always been great! Definitely worth the experience.

Lennart Hiemstra

We booked 3 days of lessons for our group. Had a great time with them, we were all very happy with the wing gear, lessons and progress booked.

Sometimes you have to wait for the wind; they adapt the schedule to suit the wind conditions and your own plans.

We even went foiling behind a boat when there was no wind.

Lessons with radio communication and rescue boat when needed, perfect!

Franco is a happy dude :) will be good to come back next year!

Helen Hill

Booked lessons for the whole family - there were 6 of us and by day 3 we had all managed to fly the wing and control the boards safely - couple of my kids did really well and even launched their foils and flew along. Paolo and Franco and Javi were great teachers - and super encouraging and lots of fun - couldn't recommend this company more highly!

Andrea Carron

We had so much fun! Our instructor (Franco) was incredibly kind, professional, passionate, and patient. In less than 3h, we moved from being absolute beginners to being able to stand on the board and enjoying the feeling of the wing pulling us. We can only recommend it!


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How does a wing foil work?

Wing foil, also known as wing surfing or wing foiling, is a water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing and hydrofoil. In this sport, they use an inflatable “wing” or wing as a sail to propel themselves over the water, while they glide on a special board equipped with a hydrofoil that allows them to rise above the water surface.

Is wing foiling difficult?

No, it is much easier to learn wing foil than for example windsurfing. The most important thing is to choose a school that teaches you well and that selects a good place to learn, so you don’t waste time and money.

Is wing foil a safe sport?

Yes, wing foil is a very safe sport, both for you and for the people around you. It does not have lines like kitesurfing and the sail used is small and does not pull much. Also, if you have any kind of problem, you can paddle back to the beach on your own.

Is wing foiling easier than windsurfing and kitesurfing?

Wing surf foil is the easiest and safest sport to learn. You will be in the water from the very first lesson.Wing foil is the easiest and safest sport to learn. Unlike windsurfing and kitesurfing, wing foil is easier to learn and control, as it does not require ropes or complicated rigging. In addition, its ability to rise above the water provides a sense of freedom and speed not found in similar sports.

What is the most common mistake when learning wing foil?

The biggest mistake is not to go to a good wing foil school and take some wing lessons: you will most likely waste much more time than usual, get into bad habits and spend more time walking than riding.

How much wind do you need for wingfoiling?

To wing foiling you need at least 10 knots. However, if you already have a higher level, from 15 knots you will have even more fun!

Are all wing foiling schools the same?

Certainly not, or rather, most wing foil schools are not dedicated to wing foiling, they simply have it as an additional service and often the instructors are improvised.

Why is your school different?

With us you will learn how to wing foil faster and you will know what to do in every moment. We have an exclusive technique that you can implement online or in person. Our teaching method is unique and has been developed under our experience of competitions. We are specialists, and we know all the guidelines that must be respected to learn this sport. We offer a personalized support, unique in the sector, and we are the only official school dedicated only to wing foil with active competitors.


Do you have any other questions?

CONTACT US! We love to help you!

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